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Star Wars Themed Clothing and Costume Ideas for Women!!!

May 4th is rollin’ up quick ya’ll!!!!  As “the costume queen” I’m soooooo EXCITED because of all the costume possibilities!!!!

Show your pageantry by dressing up in your favorite Star Wars character this May Fourth, OR if you are lucky enough to be invited to a Star Wars themed party you can get ready by checking out all of the ideas I’ve compiled below!!!!

To be prepared properly for May 4th, you can buy inexpensive costumes or add costume accessories to items ALREADY in your closet, OR get really creative with items that you already have …OR check out items through Amazon that will have you prepared for May 4th (and Halloween, or any random FUN day, for that matter!!!) for years to come!!!!!

FIRST, you have all the Droid possibilities!!!

C-3PO & R2D2

You can shop in your own closet to find items representing the characters like below:

…and maybe accessorize with these amazing socks :(!!!)

and this R2D2 TUTU skirt!!!

OR simply buy this cute R2D2 Dress:


These R2D2 outfits would look great with no fuss, no dry, easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Strips nail polish strips in Greeking Out


C-3PO can be a little harder if you do’t have much gold in your closet, as the costume isn’t cheap :-/ ~$50 here

These C-3PO Leggings are pretty sweet though, and much less $!

or this unitard here:

paired with this mask:


Find BB8’s colors in your closet like this:

and accessorize with badass socks :


OR–get this adorable dress!!!!


These BB8 outfits would look great with no fuss, no dry, easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Street Nail Polish Strips in Fire Island Flame


Then all the ADORABLE Furry &/or Cute characters……

These first two are easy if you have a lot of brown in your closet, see the Disney bound combo’s below!


I really like this Chewbacca shirt  for a sweaty dance floor (and am highly likely to go as this character 🙂

or this one (click here):

You can pair this leg wear with the shirts above….

OR… with this dress set


and these masks remind me of that crazy lady viral video LOLOLOLOLOL;ll

and one of my all-time FAVORITE movies, STEPBROTHERS!



You can “shop” in your closet using DisneyBound inspiration…

OR…get THIS EWOK ROBE that you’re sure to use again and again 🙂

or this cute hood!!!!!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this adorable furry Ewok hood and glove combo!!!!

You can GO ALL OUT with THIS DRESS, too!!!


These Chewbacca and Ewok outfits would look great with no fuss, NO DRY , easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Street Nail Strips, Sahara Jewel



Always a hit when you want to avoid the paparazzi…this Jawa costume!!!!


So the DisneyBound below seems a little warm for May 4th, but you get the idea….look in your closet for like-colored Yoda-style clothes.

OR check out this cute Yoda hood!

This simple Yoda headband below is great for showing just a *touch* of fandom!

Pair it with this hooded Jedi robe and you re SET!

OK…I just HAVE to share this adorable Yoda backpack while we’re on the subject 🙂

…and, finally, for a subtle nod to Yoda, socks these are!

Jabba the hut

Hey, if you’re having “one of those days”, you could always wear this Jabba the Hut costume!


And Finally, the most famous:

Princess Leia

Look in your closet for similar stuff, OR get one of these robes:

Robe 1

Robe 2

….or Ross’ dream, the Jabba’s Prisoner outfit 🙂

Luke Skywalker


You’ll need a proper light saber, of course….

or you could always get yours and one for your friend, too!


OK, this little badass is  totally my newest fave…maybe I should go for this look?

I freakin LOVE this Rey costume…ok changed my mind, maybe not Chewbacca after all!

Your Rey Costume would look AWESOME with no fuss, NO DRY , easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Street Nail Polish Strips in Boot Camp!!!


Kylo Ren or Darth Vadar

Get a hooded cape to pull off this Kylo Ren look!

Whether you’re Kylo Ren or Darth Vadar, you’ll need this light saber:

…..and if you’re set on Darth Vadar, you’ll want this <$10 mask!!!

Your Kylo Ren or Darth Vadar Costume would look AWESOME with no fuss, NO DRY , easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Street Nail Polish Strips in Venetian Velvet

Storm Troopers

Check out this storm trooper mask, also less than $10!!!!!

Your Storm Trooper Costume would look AWESOME with no fuss, NO DRY , easy to apply, easy to remove with nail polish remover, Color Street Nail Polish Strips in Only in Vegas!!!

I also LOVE these accessories for the subtle STAR WARS touch for celebrating the upcoming Holiday!

A LIGHT SABER necklace!!!!

Storm Trooper necklace:

Star Wars logo necklace:



Thanks for checking this out, HAVE A BLAST, and


7 Tips for an AMAZING Day at Discovery Cove in Orlando!!!!

Ok guys…this experience should definitely be on your bucket list!!!

Not only is swimming with dolphins, or sharks, manta rays, huge tropical fish, even birds, AMAZING, but this place is GORGEOUS, and like being at a tropical ALL-INCLUSIVE resort for the day!!!

As soon as you enter Discovery Cove, you are immediately transported from Orlando to a Tropical Island Resort. This does not feel like Orlando at all!  AND…in addition to the amazing experience to be had here, all your food, beer, and wine is INCLUDED  AND  with your entrance to Discovery Cove you get FREE entrance to both SeaWorld and Aquatica for 14 days surrounding the date of your Discovery Cove visit!

I’ve put together some helpful tips for your trip to help plan for an amazing day:

Tip 1: Do NOT bring sunscreen!  ANIMAL friendly sunscreen is available at the lockers.  Please do not use your own sunscreen.

Tip 2: Wet suits are provided!  They have both long sleeve wetsuits for the cooler days and shorties for hotter days.  Towels are provided, too, so all you need to bring is your bathing suits!

Tip 3: Bring your appetite!  Breakfast and lunch are included in your entrance fee, as well as snacks all day long, and drinks, slushies, beer, and wine!

Tip 4:  Arrive Early!  That way you can have FIRST PICK when reserving your Dolphin or Shark Swim time for the day and can be done with breakfast in plenty of time to enjoy the day!

Tip 5:  Go to the bird Aviary first thing in the morning as soon as that side opens up.  The birds will be hungry then, and will be more apt to interact with you!

You can always swim to the Aviary in the Tropical River which is heated to 85-89F degrees!  (see people swimming below)

Tip 6: Bring waterproof camera/go-pro!!! There are amazing fish to see underwater.  Unfortunately ,our Go-Pro broke, so I won’t be able to upload any pix from it.  But it IS fun to have along!  The “Reef” area is filled with all these types of fish to swim alongside!!!

Tip 7:  You can save money and avoid the crowds by going in the winter, using their long sleeve wet suits, and warming up frequently by taking HOT showers in their beautiful bathhouses!

The Tropical River is heated to 85-89 degrees, but the water where the animals live in has to be 72F degrees in order to keep the microbial contamination levels lowered.  Also, Florida weather is hit or miss in the winter.  It can sometimes get into the upper 70’s in January!

The biggest Con to going in the winter is that some of  animals, like the marmosets and otters, may be less active. 🙁 But still adorable!

This picture was taken when it was about 50 degrees F

Look at how little crowd there is though!

But it’s also pretty AWESOME in the summer, too!!!

I hope that these tips are helpful, and that you have an awesome time!

You can also check out my YouTube video for a great tour of the place during winter HERE!

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!!

How to make Beer Can Party Favors -DIY

Hi there DIY-ers! These are some cute party favors that can be made with your favorite beer cans for HANDS FREE DRINKS!!!! 🙂

Step 1: Drink beer 🙂

Step 2:  Buy $5 PARTY BEADS from Amazon!

Step 3: Remove the top of the can with a can opener and something to help punch it out….the edges will automatically be smooth because of the way that can’s are made.

Step 4: Soak the cans in dish soap for at least 30 minutes

Step 5: Scrub the cans with a bottle brush and then rinse out thoroughly:

Step 6:  Place the cans upside down and allow to dry

Step 7: Carefully poke a whole in the can and attach the beads by tying them to the can using either a twist tie or ribbon, or something like that.

Step 8: Wear, look beautiful, and have a blast!!!!

It’s time to Update your iPhone Wallpaper for HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. YAY! It’s that time of year!

Time to redecorate your iPhone background to get in the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT and here are some great choices I’ve picked out for you!!!

I like to use something simple for my background so that I can see my apps more easily, and then something more detailed for my lock screen, so these are separated into two categories; backgrounds and lock screens 🙂



AND HERE are some more detailed ones which might be too busy, and therefore are better for your lock screen!!!

Or however you like to do it…… You do you, BOO! (Teehee, get it? 😉 ) *dork alert*


I don’t have SUPER scary or gross and bloody and gory ones because I don’t like that shit (I’m still too young for that 😉 ), so you’ll have search on your own for those but either way, time to get in the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT ~YAY!

Lots of Spooky Love,