7 Areas of Focus

A bit over a year ago, after learning about Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues, I decided to do my own little twist on it, called my “7 areas of focus”.

Every week (well, almost every week!) I’d concentrate on one of these seven areas of importance to me:

  1. Improving the way I think: mental toughness, willpower, being in the moment, being relaxed versus stressed, confidence, being priority-focused, and self-aware…this could probably be broken into a couple of weeks!
  2. Having a positive attitude: This is the subject I happen to be on this week.
  3. Improving my physical health: diet and exercise, including Yoga
  4. Improving Career: Focus is on both finding dream job and improving current career
  5. Focus on FUN: The focus during this week is finding ways to make EVERYTHING (including meetings, chores, etc.) FUN! …..my favorite week!
  6. Focus on Relationships: Friendships, family and spouse
  7. Focus on Adventure and Learning NEW things: another fave

Problem was, HOW did I focus on these things?

I started off by trying to learn more about each area, which led me to then writing affirmations for each.

I wrote how I WANTED to be (even if I was far from it!) and then would read each morning, depending on what week I was on.

That was not enough…and starting to get boring…hence this blog.

In order to give each subject full focus, the plan is to write something on each of the subjects every week!