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A Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower for my Daughter!

I just threw a Harry Potter themed baby shower for my daughter and it turned out so well, so I HAVE to share, and share some helpful tips for planning!

This Gryffindor colored maternity dress and the cute 9 and 3/4’s baby shower sash turned out GREAT for the theme!

I was so lucky to have a friend who made the cupcakes in Robin’s favorite flavors: peanut butter and chocolate and Raspberry lemonade! Not quite Harry Potter themed, but these cupcake toppers helped!

Golden snitches!

Amazingly delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates made the perfect snitches by adding wings!

Hufflepuffs! I just made the sign in Word, using Parry Hotter font and a parchment paper background, and a chopstick for the sign!

Of course, the baby has to have his first Harry Potter book!

i just used Parry Hotter font for this as well and a parchment watermark background in Word, and placed in an inexpensive frame.

Made the framed sign in Word with Parry Hotter font and got Diaper raffle printables from Etsy! Make sure to place plenty of wand pens nearby for those who forget to bring their raffle card that was sent wiht the invitations, so they can fill out a new card!
I purchased a separate welcome baby wizard sign for the balloons, versus what came with it. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a balloon pump to help out with these, and setting aside a good 2 hours to do it the day before the shower just to be safe.
So grateful to Robin’s mother-in-law for making this adorable and yummy Pimento Cheese owl!
I got the idea for this Professor Sprout’s Garden, and many more treatsfrom a GREAT blog post with tons of amazing ideas !

I also made some AMAZING Butterbeer muddy buddies (not shown).

Again, i jsut used good ole Word, with Parry Hotter font, and a parchment paper watermark background to make the “Have you seen this Muggle” ultrasound picture!

My husband was a huge help in setting up, cleaning, moving furniture around per the diagrams that I created, so we had to get a picture with him with the Hogwarts background banner too!

i was running around like crazy, so I finally got a chance to sit down and eat during the gift opening!

In the dining room, I placed this Great Hall banner up a week ahead of time, and added the batteries and strung the floating candles 3 days ahead of time before the party. They are STILL up in our house 3 weeks later!

i got some fun printables from Etsy, and made some up myself as well for the games like an icebreaker BINGO game, and a sheet to fill out advice for the new parents. I made sure to place wand pens nearby for everyone to fill the games out.

i placed tealights in the mini cauldrons, which turned out really cute!

For party favors, we filled up the above goodie bags with candy and baby keychains and gifts from the baby (which were not Harry Potter themed, but they were hidden in the Harry Potter themed bags, so all was well!)

This Harry Potter wrapping paper matched perfectly with the theme, and I still have plenty left over to wrap more presents!

This was the first butterbeer that I made, so it didn’t turn out as pretty as it should, but the gold rimmed cups with fun potion stickers on them were a real hit! I had many cloth tablecloths for the various tables for food, baby’s first book signing, etc., but these plastic Marauders Map table cloths were perfect for cleaning off sticky butterscotch syrup!

The “Don’t say Baby” game got very competitive and was REALLY fun!!!
I was almost won! By the way, I LOVE my Gryffindor sweater from Amazon, although I probably should’ve gotten a bigger size.
Robin loved these cute little Dobby rattle socks!
A picture of the great-grandmother to be!!!!

Some tips:

  1. Have the Mommy to be figure out the theme, activities and food at least a month in advance, and create the recipe and grocery list as soon as possible.
  2. Make a list of all the activities and where everything will be placed and the order in which you will do everything then figure out how much you can do ahead of time and come up with a daily plan to do a little each day in advance!!!
  3. People will likely trickle in at all different times, ranging from 15 minutes early to 30 minutes late, so tell the first person the game plan and ask them to update the next person coming in and so forth. and most of all have a blast celebrating the new mommy-to-be and baby!