FUN with Pokemon Go!!!

haha, so since i LOVE to try new things, i *of course* HAD to check out the latest, most popular game around!!!

it’s FUN!!!!

I don’t go out of my way to play it….and only play for about 15 minutes, a day (and not even every day) …and only really doing things I’ve ALREADY got planned to do! ¬†Cool thing, also, is that there’s a Pokestop at my work, so i can load up on balls every day, if i want! :-O

First time playing was after a 2+ hour bike ride, during the cool down portion…


IMG_2723 IMG_2727

BUT—it even makes Grocery shopping fun!!!!!! ( absolutely HATE grocery shopping….need ANY POSSIBLE WAY TO MAKE IT FUN, LOL)



AND, my friend taught me how to use incense to bring the little buggers to you (even when in remote areas, camping!!!)


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