GORGEOUS landscaping and potted plant gardening ideas from Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay

These are just a FEW of the gorgeous landscaping and potted plant gardening ideas from Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay.Β  I didn’t take pix of all of the ideas, sadly, and there were cool ones from Universal studios thatΒ I didn’t capture, so this is just a “sampler”…perhaps I’ll add to it next time I go back πŸ™‚

Islands of Adventure on the way out of the exit

Islands of Adventure

The bougainvillea, below, is one of my FAVORITE flowers!!! After seeing so many beautiful bougainvillea in Capri, Italy, and the Portifino area, I bought one for home.Β  It died. They don’t like NC winters.Β  I don’t either. πŸ˜‰

Islands of Adventure

Below, I love the use of all the variety of greenery…I need to incorporate this more into my potted garden (which, is non-existent, or only in my dreams, at the moment….)

Islands of Adventure, which, by the way, hands down has much better landscaping than Universal Studios

More beautiful greenery….

If you like landscaping, plants, nature, then Islands of Adventure is going to be your favorite park!!!

I wonder if I could keep the potted tree, below, alive for more than 2 months…hmmmm…

Guess where? Yup, you guessed it, Islands of Adventure

For this type of garden, I should probably just move to Florida πŸ˜‰

Islands of Adventure
I’m feeling like a broken record creating these captions, lol, Islands of Adventure
Thankful for “copy and paste”: Islands of Adventure
Starbucks at Islands of Adventure (that’s good to know that there are Starbucks in the park, huh?)…they are franchises, not corporate stores though, so can’t redeem your awards for free coffee or treats πŸ™
Islands of Adventure

OK, now off to Volcano Bay!!!!!!!Β  Sadly, these orchids don’t bloom year round, but when they do, they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

What -yay! something new! VOLCANO BAY!!!!

And I can’t get enough of them!!!

mad orchids everywhere at VOLCANO BAY!!!!
guess where now?!?!? πŸ™‚
oh and back to Islands of Adventure πŸ™‚

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