Last fall, for Labor Day weekend, we made a super quick (way too quick) trip to the Grand Canyon, Hurricane Utah for mountain biking, and Zion National Park.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to write about the trip until now, so my memory is short and therefore my text will be too…which may be a good thing, ? 🙂  If you have any questions, please comment and I’ll try to jog my memory a little better.

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon and was thrilled to go, and going for just the weekend made the trip both possible, and economical…but WAY TOO SHORT.

Still it was an amazing “sneak preview” of an area that i definitely want to go back to and get more of!

We flew into Las Vegas Friday night, and having arrived so late, stayed at a hotel there and then woke up the next morning and drove to Hurricane Utah to get some mountain biking in.

I was exhausted and cranky, but the gorgeous ride to Hurricane from Vegas was a mood changer for sure!

Drive from Vegas to Hurricane, Utah
Drive from Vegas to Hurricane, Utah

We rented our bikes from Over the Edge Bike Shop (great guys) and rode the Hurricane Rim trail, which was a fun, BEAUTIFUL trail albeit not very technical.

Hurricane Rim trails

Can you see Dave on his bike way in the distance? looks like an ant 🙂

We then drove to Arizona and stayed at Jacob’s Lake Inn, which was GREAT, and had a good restaurant and awesome store!!!

On Sunday, we went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which, duh…of course…was magical.  and even MORE so at sunset.  I definitely highly recommend being there are sunrise and/or sunset because the colors are absolutely amazing and surreal.

Cute little squirrel sitting on the rock

On Labor Day, we had to make our way back to Vegas to stay the night so that we could fly out early Tuesday morning.  Having never been to Zion, we decided to try to stop by and check it out on our way back to Vegas.  it was a couple hours drive from the place in Arizona, and then we had a bit of a drive back to Vegas so were VERY short on time.

At Zion you have to park down at the entrance and take a shuttle which stops at all the different trails.

Deciding which trail to take was REALLY hard, but i think we made the right decision! We decided to take the Riverside Walk trail into the Zion Narrows and Virgin River!  Ideally we would’ve had more time, though, to hike as far as we could possibly go into the Zion Narrows canyon.  next time, we will allow AT LEAST 2 days at Zion.

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