The Universal Orlando Challenge! 30 FUN things to do while at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando!!!

I love challenges, scavenger hunts, etc. and even though there’s SO MUCH FUN to be had at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, I realize that I tend to stick to my favorites and end up missing out on a lot of the small treasures and certain areas of the park!

Also…because of my favorites (especially The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) I like to go a lot, so adding silly challenges and things to do makes it even more fun when you’ve been there more than a couple of times!

So, to help make sure you’re not missing out on any small treasures,  I challenge you to do some, or ALL, of these fun things while you’re at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Orlando and add to your already SURE-TO-BE-AMAZING photo album of the trip!

As part of the challenge, you can hashtag your pictures #UniversalOrlandoChallenge and compare them to the other creative talent out there!

  1. Catch the Sunset over Toothsome or Hogsmeade or Anything in IOA.
  2. Take the most CREATIVE picture you can think of with Jaws. 
  3. Try ALL the Butterbeer flavors (regular, frozen, ice cream, fudge, hot, clotted cream). 
  4. Get an unsuspecting person wet using your magic wand (or just photograph/video someone else caught by surprise!!!  SO FUN TO WATCH!)
  5. Find, and DO, all the SECRET spells in Diagon Alley!!! 
  6. See how many creative different angle pix you can get of the fire breathing dragon. 
  7. Take a picture of yourself eating “The Tonight Dough” ice cream (from the nearby Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop) in front of “The Tonight Show” ride!! (A very close rival to Butterbeer ice cream, IMO) 
  8. See how many characters  you can give Rabbit ears to.
  9. ESPECIALLY if you’re not a kid (–so what?!?!??–) take a picture of yourself with a waterfall in CAMP JURASSIC!!! …or on a rope bridge! …or in a cave!!
  10. Visit Moaning Myrtle. 🙂
  11. Call the Ministry of Magic  (Dial 62442 (MAGIC))!
  12. Take the most creative picture with one of the Transformers!  Double brownie points if its Megatron, he’s scary & it’s so fun watching him scare people! Bumblebee & his music & dancing are entertaining too! 
  13. Have a conversation with Shrek’s Donkey (he’s HILARIOUS!)
  14. Visit the local Raptor 
  15. Volunteer to GET ON STAGE at the Hollywood Horror makeup show!!!! Make sure your family or friends videotape your performance!!!
  16. Place a REALLY GOOD bet against your family or friends on the MIB ride!  Karaoke for the losers? Loser HAS to ride something that they are afraid of? Loser has to take an embarrassing picture of your choice? (Hint: Frank the pug is worth a LOT of points)
  17. Capture a picture of your favorite Harry Potter fan’s MOST AMAZING FACIAL EXPRESSION, AS THEY WALK INTO DIAGON ALLEY FOR THE FIRST TIME!
  18. Take THEE coolest Sunglass reflection selfie (one that is way better than this, LOL)!
  19. Pose for the most CREATIVE pic on The Mummy Ride!!! (hint: the camera is on the right, as you go down a hill, after you are in the room that fills with fire on the ceiling !!!).
  20. Get a VIP tour at MIB—just ask a Team Member!!! (…then do number 16)
  21. Come up with a silly/Creative name for your Intergalactic Adventure Passport on the ET Ride, then make sure you catch ET saying good-by to “Poopy-head” or whatever your name is! 
  22. Make the loser of #16 take a picture in the hat of your choice.
  23. Find these AMAZINGLY uncrowded and SUPER quiet spots in Islands of Adventure (hint:  this is where to go when you want to get away from the crowd!)
  24. Take a picture with the SCARIEST Halloween Horror Nights Prop at Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop 
  25. Eat an entire Lard Lad’s donut!!!
  26. Compete to see who stays the DRIEST on Bluto’s barges.
  27. Create your very OWN specialty Vodoo Donuts drink or dessert and post it!!!  Hey- if Toothsome can put an entire cupcake on a shake, you can put a donut on a shake too, no? …or even put it on a cupcake on a shake? …or on Butterbeer? …or a Strawberry Daquiri? …or White Russian?
  28. Find the cartoon bubble that best describes you and pose with it 
  29. Find the statue of the one-eyed witch from Harry Potter’s The Prisoner of Azkaban
  30. OK, this one’s not in the actual parks, but has to be included: Find the ACTUAL piece of the Berlin wall (!!!) outside the Hard Rock Cafe and take a picture of it!

OR~Create your own challenge!!!  Do something creative or unique and snap a picture and post it, challenging others to top it! 🙂

I’m so excited for you, and hope you enjoy every minute of your trip and have fun with these challenges! 🙂

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